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Indulging Your Inner Aristocrat~
British Period Novels

Thank you so much for visiting my website! I am the author of an Amazon Bestselling early Victorian novel, a polite mystery/romance.

Leave Modern Cares Behind

Do you want to settle down on the divan and drift back in time, a century and a half, to a very different world? To visit ancient stone castles, olde English villages and London mansions? To banquet and dance at the Midsummer Night's Dream Ball?

The Companion of Lady Holmeshire
In this Jane Austen inspired novel set early in Queen Victoria's reign, a foundling infant, grown to become the lovely housemaid, Emma Carrington, has been chosen by the Countess of Holmeshire as her companion. Emma returns from London, where she had been receiving training in the arts of refinement, to the country castle home of the lady in Northumbria. Soon the lady’s son, the 7th Earl of Holmeshire, engaged by arrangement to Genevieve, an aristocratic London lady, returns from his travels to the Continent to find this former servant girl at tea. A day in the village below reveals some hint of danger to Emma; a man in tatters is following her, while unfamiliar gentlemen follow Genevieve.

Polite romantic developments among the aristocrats and the servants amuse as they spend time in London for The Season. The Countess attempts to introduce this former servant girl into snobbish aristocratic society as her companion- to quite some reaction. The harsh realities of life are seen while visiting a poor area in Victorian London, contrasting with the aristocratic Midsummer Night's Dream Ball. Intriguing mystery has been woven through the book, and quite a surprise awaits at the end.

Read part of this book and see the video trailer HERE.
And Now...

See what you can deduce before reading the last two chapters. Please leave your guesses on my Reader's Game page to win a valuable jewelry prize! And then read on for the great surprise ending, with a twist that none of my readers thus far had expected.

For the Skylark~ To Be Published in 2013

My second book, For the Skylark, is an early Victorian story about an unusual family. Why does Her Ladyship keep herself isolated in an octagonal attic-like room? What is in the locked chest that she sits and polishes? She does come to spend dinnertime with her grown twins, Dante and Evangeline, who adore and live for each other. The twins were kept isolated from the world, so they know no better than to live meticulously by the strict House Rules. Dante, however, begins to see that most of the world lives differently and wants to set foot out of the grand estate to experience it. Evangeline has been happy and content at home; can Dante not just leave things as they are? The book is full of intriguing mystery and polite romance. You can read a chapter from this book HERE.

Castle in The Companion of Lady Holmeshire
Photographs above are by the kindness of Colin and Louise English

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The Companion of Lady Holmeshire is available in digital format for ereaders through Amazon. Contact me by email to receive a copy for your Nook.
Available in Trade Paperback at Amazon, World Castle Publications and Barnes & Noble.

For the Skylark is set for release in 2013.

On separate pages, you will find chapters of each book and a video preview of The Companion of Lady Holmeshire.

Photos above, Scotney Castle, courtesy of Graham Taylor, Brodsworth Hall, courtesy of Paul Howarth and Belton House, courtesy of Colin and Louise English.

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