About Me

I was born in Minnesota, and I have lived in the San Diego area, North Idaho, Nevada and now, Oregon. I have enjoyed travels to the eastern US, most of the southwest, Mexico, Canada and Hawaii. I love traveling, and have hopes to visit many more areas- especially England.

My hobbies have included extensive studies of homeopathy, art, and interior design. I enjoy gardening and love kitties and Springer Spaniels. I have been married for 35 years and have lovely children and stepchildren. I have been an avid reader of period literature and watched every movie possible about the seemingly lovely time periods past.

When I wrote The Companion of Lady Holmeshire, I knew nothing of publishing and marketing books. And though I had done research to augment what history I had learned, I was no expert. I started blogging at English Epochs 101, but found that I had to do much research to write even one post. In time, I started a multi-author blog, English Historical Fiction Authors, and invited authors I'd met on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads with the goal of one of us posting on British history daily. It has been a huge success for two years at this writing. Running the blog, however, has made it hard for me to find time to finish my second novel, For the Skylark.

One of the authors suggested we make a book from the blog posts of the first year. Many agreed to include their posts, and we had a publisher in our group as well. After a year of work on the book, we have what we hope will be just the first volume of Castles, Customs, and Kings: True Tales of English Historical Fiction Authors.

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